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Paediatric Bladder Health


Paediatric bladder health in sport It is well discussed that women commonly experience incontinence, prolapse and functional changes to their pelvic floor muscles following vaginal delivery as the muscles have been over-stretched (Kruger J A et al, 2007). These individuals often participate in Pilates or strength training to help strengthen and re-gain function. [...]

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Long Term Athletic Development


Long Term Athletic Development Children should be encouraged to develop a growth mindset, self-determined motivation, confidence and resilience. These attributes positively support childhood, adolescence and eventually adult experiences and opportunities. As physical therapists we can help to support and educate you with exercise programmes and self-management strategies which will give you the tools [...]

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Growth Spurts


Growth Spurts in Children Growth spurts are normal for a growing child. Symptoms of a growth spurt can last 2-6 weeks and it is worth considering that a lack of calcium and vitamin D can cause hypersensitive growth plates for example, your child may experience knee pain. If you have any reason to [...]

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