How can Pro-Active Being help?

With our combined years of clinical experience, we have helped many people suffering from injury and pain.
Our aim is to show you how you can take control by learning self management strategies that will help to get you out of restrictions and pain.

Why did you develop the modules?

Often we see clients who say ‘they wished they had received treatment / advice earlier’ after the hope that their problem may resolve by itself. Other clients do not want to wait up to 3 months on a waitlist to see a professional without being proactive and trying some exercises to help the injury. Some people may not have an injury that requires a consultation but have niggles or restrictions that require proactive self-management to return to full movement, strength and function. We believe that early intervention is beneficial to injury and prevention, therefore a result we created these modules to share our professional opinion based upon the typical development and presentation for the average individual with an average injury without complex medical conditions. An additional benefit of doing our modules, is that if you then choose to see someone face-to-face or the waiting list is coming to an end and your appointment is due, then going in to the appointment with additional knowledge, understanding and a list of exercises already tried, tested and performed, will both help the practitioner better to understand the situation you are in, and will also benefit you in understanding more from the session due to the prior education.

What type of advice can I expect?

The nature of our educational presentations, documentations and video demonstrations offer general advice in the way that we cover many different approaches to physical problems, therefore becoming more knowledgable on a area of interest will help better to self manage.

When should I consult with a healthcare provider face-to-face?

When participating in any health programme it is always wise to consult with a doctor or physical therapist to ensure safety. If you have an injury or condition that requires a specific treatment / management protocol then you must seek a face to face consultation / assessment / advice from a doctor or health care professional.

Should I expect any discomfort after doing the modules / exercises?

When participating in any health programme or exercise programme, it is possible to feel discomfort or soreness due to or dependant upon the current state of the body or due to the use of certain muscles or joints that may need mobilising or strengthening (sometimes referred to as DOMS, delayed onset of muscle soreness).

What should I do if I develop and injury or am not progressing as I would expect during the module?

Remember that if at any stage you feel that you need an individual assessment or support, then please contact your local physical therapist or healthcare provider.

When do I complete the module?

The modules are accessible online 24/7 which means all learning can be undertaken in personal time, therefore and good understanding and comprehension should always be in place before participation in the exercises.

Do I need to progress the exercises?

We always recommend to ensure that correct and proper technique is in place. We have structured our modules to encourage slow and safe progressions by starting with simple and easy exercises and progressing to more difficult exercises, this way we encourage not progressing too fast.

What does preventative healthcare mean to us?

The concept of preventative healthcare has always made a great deal of sense to us. A simple and applicable example is that we clean our teeth twice a day to prevent tooth pain and decay. Sports athletes train their bodies and minds to mimic the conditions that they will face on the sports field. Pro-Active Being believe that physical preparation and training of our bodies and minds can play an important role for all of us in ‘preventing the preventable’. Teach your body to be flexible and strong so that it can withstand situations which might have otherwise resulted in injury.

Rehabilitation Modules

Receive professionally designed rehabilitation modules customised to each body region