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Health Related Videos

Take a look at some of our videos about all things related to health. We understand that the physical health of the body also requires the well-being of the individual and therefore have provided videos related to how you can speed up your recover, sleep, circadian rhythm and more.

How To Speed Up Injury Recovery

Walking Benefits

Do You Have A Clicky Hip ?

Considerations Of Stress

Circadian Rhythm – Your 24 Hour Clock Cycle

Benefits of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) – Breathing for energy and metabolism

Considerations Of Sleep – Parts 1, 2 & 3

Sleep – Summary excerpt from a ‘recovery and energy’ seminar

Red Flags / Health Warnings Signs

Longer Presentation Covering Some Myths Of Pain and Why Some Protocols May Not Work

Rehabilitation Modules

Receive professionally designed rehabilitation modules customised to each body region

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