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Rehabilitation Modules

Receive professionally designed rehabilitation modules customised to each body region.

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We provide professional information and strategies that you can use in the gym or at home to help you to move and function better.

But first its important to identify what type of help you may need. Go through our flow diagram to establish your next step.

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Proactive Health and Wellbeing Guidelines

To help identify if any symptoms may have serious implications or if seeing a doctor or physical therapist face-to-face is required, watch our Health & Wellbeing Guidelines (Red Flags) video (4 mins) or read the blog here.

Did you know?

Pain is not a bad thing! Pain is our bodies natural alarm system. With the help of Pro-Active Being rehabilitation modules you can educate yourself and manage pain early to save yourself time and money spent on prolonged treatments.

  • Inappropriate movement mechanics leads to increased risk of recurrent injuries to muscle, joints and bone. Our rehabilitation modules aims to help this. Identifying movement and mobility restrictions and implementing corrective exercises, people can reduce injury risk by 11 times. 
  • Education and evaluation of an individuals life activities are important to a successful injury prevention program. Which is why we have provided educational materials and guidelines along with a structured program to help recovery and prevention.
  • Creating better movement capacity leads to increased physical performance outcomes, which results in more effective injury prevention measures. Therefore the more physically prepared your body is for an activity the less likely you are to suffer an injury. 

Myths About Pain and Injury

Discover Pro-Active Beings range of tools to help you self manage your injuries. Watch now.